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Welcome to the HOTTEST Indoor Cycling branded Certification that instructors and managers are raving about: BeatBoss™ Indoor Biking Certification and Continuing Education for Studios, Health Clubs, Community Centers and Educational Facilities! We bring true purpose to the indoor cycling party with a fresh approach that instructors and riders LOVE! 



We are an indoor cycling consulting company that provides a game-changing branded indoor cycling methodology, certification and continuing education process (not just a workshop of ideas) that incorporates riding to the beat of music along with optional safe, science-based upper body add-ons married to technology (watts, rpm on bike monitors and/or leaderboards). We are inspired by three biking styles: Road, Mountain and BMX for greater cross training purposes. BeatBoss™ was born out of the need to have instructors trained in riding the beat with a sound certification and continuing education process that incorporates upper body add-ons safely with other great options. We are a body-positive and inclusive company that welcomes all individuals.




In the indoor cycling arena, BeatBoss™ is the only certification with continuing education that supports using upper body add-ons that have been tested for safety. In addition, BeatBoss™ is super fun! Instructors and riders love riding to the beat while learning about RPM (beat of the music) and watts (power). Also, with inspiration from off-road biking (Mountain and BMX) core, stability and reaction time focus (upper body add-ons) brings fabulous options to BeatBoss™ Certified Instructors and members of all ages and abilities! BeatBoss™ is a proud education provider through NASM, ACE, AFAA and SCW and petitionable with others so you will receive CEC’s for getting BeatBoss™Certified!  BeatBoss™ is also a presenting educator at SCW Fitness Conventions and IDEA World Fitness Convention so you are sure to receive a world class educational experience. 



BeatBoss™ is truly for everyone! From teenagers to Active Agers, BeatBoss™ can be molded to appeal to all audiences and has Level’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 along with focuses of Power using riding the beat and metrics as simple as RPM and Watts on a bike monitor to comprehensive technology leaderboards. As for who should get BeatBoss™ Certified we appeal to a variety of individuals from personal trainers seeking to expand their offerings to clients along with CEC’s  (BeatBoss™ was invented by a personal trainer and utilizes personal training concepts on an indoor cycle bike), to a yoga instructor wanting to expand their knowledge of mind body connection and the study of fascia in movement (BeatBoss™ is grounded in fascial science) to a dance fitness instructor wanting to select another group exercise methodology to stay on the cutting edge (BeatBoss™ is highly rhythmical and appeals to the dancer).  From a newbie to a veteran instructor, BeatBoss™ starts from the ground and works up with fresh concepts that will appeal to the newbie and the veteran instructor because of its game-changing, multi-faceted approach to indoor cycling. 




  1. Attend the 16 working hour scheduled training (IN PERSON LIVE AND ONLINE LIVE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE; both options are 8 hours plus one hour break each day)

  2. At the end of the 16 hour initial training attendees receive their first BeatBoss™ Class Layout to practice for a month. This helps cement the concepts learned during the initial 16 hour training. Attendees then video themselves song by song demonstrating the BASIC BeatBoss™ Class Layout they received during the initial training (not in front of an actual class but alone in their own space they select).  This helps BeatBossHQ see that attendees are understanding the BeatBossBASIC™ concepts learned during the initial training and can physically translate the concepts into an actual class before teaching a live class. (This ensures that instructors are then a higher quality coming out of training so that hiring managers have greater member satisfaction).

  3. After BeatBossHQ™ receives the proficiency videos from each attendee, BeatBossHQ™ provides next step coaching points from viewing the videos submitted  by each attendee (vs. a pass/fail approach) along with their BeatBoss™ Certificate of Certification.  At the same time attendees receive an invitation to enter the BeatBossONline™Continuing Education Instructor Portal. The Portal is where BeatBossHQ provides monthly progressing Class Layouts, suggested Spotify Playlists (we are not scripted with music), demonstration videos for new BeatBoss™ Drills and Upper Body Add-ons and more! To keep the BeatBoss™ Certification current instructors remain paid in the BeatBossONline™ CE Instructor Portal whether they are actively instructing or not.  There are no re-certification fees as long as an instructor remains current in the Portal with payment. Instructors may use the monthly Class Layouts as they are or they may create their own class layouts using the library of BeatBoss™ Signature Drills and Upper Body Add-ons. 



Initial training and coaching

Pricing is $399 and $499. Special reduced pricing is available with company partnerships.


On-going Monthly Continuing Education 

BeatBossONline™ Instructor Continuing Education Portal to stay current: BASIC: $9.95 month with an additional UPGRADED OPTION: $19.95 a month


No re-certification fees as long as the instructor remains a paying member within the BeatBossONline™ Instructor Continuing Education Portal whether actively instructing or not


Additional post-certification instructor coaching and workshops are available but not required in addition to the required BeatBossONline™ CE Instructor Portal subscription. To learn more about additional instructor coaching and workshops, please contact BeatBossHQ™.




BeatBoss™ is committed to making fun and fresh fitness affordable for individuals and studios/health clubs, community centers and educational facilities. That includes brand usage licensing fees for organizations.  We utilize a sliding scale and a collaborative approach to licensing fees.  During the pandemic BeatBoss™ is waiving brand usage licensing fees.  As we come out of the pandemic BeatBoss™ is taking a unique “coming to the table” approach with organizations that utilize the BeatBoss™ brand and teams of BeatBoss™ Certified Instructors. BeatBoss™ will meet with individual organizations to make a plan on paying licensing fees that can be afforded vs. flat rates for all.  Depending on the size of the organization, number of locations, memberships, etc. BeatBoss™ will ask individual organizations what they can reasonably afford.  To learn more about this collaborative approach, please do not hesitate to reach out to BeatBoss™. It is one of BeatBoss™’ core values that by supporting one another professionally in challenging times, we can all succeed. 




BeatBoss™ provides a great option for organizations that want to provide live streaming BeatBoss™ classes to members. We have created a BeatBoss™ live streaming license so that organizations can offer members in person and live streaming class options. To learn more about this additional license please contact BeatBoss™.  PLEASE NOTE: At this time BeatBoss™ does not allow individual independent BeatBoss™ Certified instructors to create on demand or live streaming classes utilizing the BeatBoss™ Methodology.



  • BeatBoss™ can be instructed on any indoor cycle branded bike with or without data and marries beautifully to all data leaderboards if incorporating into rides.  We guide our certified BeatBoss™ instructors and supported facilities on technology usage utilizing the BeatBoss™ methodology.


  • BeatBoss™ is the only indoor cycling certification and continuing education process that provides and supports branded upper body add-ons with purpose and safety. Instructors no longer need to go outside the scope of their road-only focused certification and risk liability to themselves and the facility they instruct for. Facilities also limit their liability by utilizing BeatBoss™ education for instructors that want to instruct a beat-driven, upper body add-on focused class format with other great options as well.


  • BeatBoss™ provides a variety of formats under one umbrella brand including the BeatBossBASIC™ foundational certification along with additional post-certification workshop focused BeatBoss™ branded class formats: BeatBossPOWER™, BeatBossSCULPT™ and our Active Aging branded class format and more!  BeatBoss™ certified instructors, their class members and the facilities they instruct at will always remain on the cutting edge of fresh branded content that keeps instructors and members coming back for more! This equates to greater instructor and member retention


  • Music is sourced through Spotify so BeatBoss™ certified instructors can select their own playlists to correspond to either the BeatBoss™ Master Class Layouts they receive every month in the BeatBossONline™ Instructor Continuing Education Portal or to correspond with the class layouts they create utilizing the BeatBoss™ branded library of Drills and Upper Body Add-ons in the BeatBossONline™ Instructor Continuing Education Portal.


  • BeatBoss™ solution for education is a high bred combo of scripted and non-scripted; a unique approach in the indoor cycling education arena. We believe that by providing all the tools necessary (and much more), a BeatBoss™ certified instructor will be the most skilled instructor girded by BeatBossHQ™ always guiding them and allowing creative freedom (selecting their own music if desired and creating their own class layouts utilizing the BeatBoss tools) within the BeatBoss™ methodology.  




Please contact BeatBossHQ™  via text or call at 651-285-3424 or email at We are here to help guide you!


Please visit our website at






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